Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Extension & Hair Wig Spree

Hair Extension & Hair Wig Spree
(Spree Closed)

If you are keen, please send your order to
dreamer_fashion_house@yahoo.com.sg and make payment latest by 2nd May 2009 and the stock will reach after 1-2 weeks after I send my order
Additional $3.00 for registered mail. Please take note that items sold is non-refundable and non-exchangeable

We also have wig for those which to have a complete different look. Grab one now...
Please visit http://www.dreamer-fashion-house.com/Hair.html for more details.


Stylish Bun - $10.00 (Include noraml postage)
(Rubber band surround by artifical hair)

实际就是一个橡皮筋外面一圈头发, 包裹着 绑在亲们自己的头发上

Colour Available: Natural Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown

KOMI BoBo Wig Hair 1 - $40.00
Colour Available: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown
(Picture Above is Light Brown Colour)

Stylish Short Wig Hair - $40.00 (Include Normal Postage)
Colour Available: Black, Dark Brown
(Picture Above is Dark Brown Colour)



Gold Hair Extnsion- $100.00 (Pack of 8 pcs) (Include Normal Postage)
Width: 8cm x 8pcs
Colour: GoldReal Hair (Can dye and perm)

RealHair01 - $80.00 (Pack of 6 pcs)
16cm x 2pcs, 8cm x 4 pcs
Length: 55cm Weight: 100g
Colour: Black, Natural Black and Brown Real Hair (Can dye and perm)

ArtStraight01 - $60.00 (Pack of 8 pcs)
Length: 60cm Width: 12cm
Artificial Hair (Cannot dye and perm)

ArtWave01 - $8.00 (1 pc)
The model above use 8pcs)
Colour: Black and Brown
Length: 60cm Width: 6-8 cm Weight: 12g
Artificial Hair (Cannot dye and perm)

Is it possible to fit the clip in hair myself?

Yes, its very easy and it takes just minutes to fit them.
Can my hair extensions be straightened?
Yes if you purchase the real human hair clip! It is best to use a styling holder to straighten, curl and perfect your hair extensions style before fitting them to your head.

How are the hair extensions attached?

The hair extensions are made of strips of real human hair/artifical hair , each strip has micro clips already attached to them. The clips are pressure sensitive and clipped into the hair between sections. This ensures they are hidden, secure and natural looking.

How often can I wear my extensions?

As often as you like, just remember to take them out before sleeping to prolong their life. The clip ins can last up anything from 6 months to a year depending on how often you wear them.

Will people be able to see if I am wearing hair extensions?

The beauty of clip in extensions is the natural look that can be achieved with them. Once fitted, they are a perfect blend with your own hair.

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Keri Foley said...

Korean does really have great hair that is why I always dream of having one. Thanks to the invention of hair extension as this brings me close to my dream